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6 Benefits of Hiring a Postpartum Doula

Our postpartum doulas are non-medical professionals who provide new families with non-judgmental, hands-on support as well as evidence-based information on newborn care, feeding and postpartum recovery.

A few benefits of the presence of doulas in the postpartum period:

•  Can reduce the incidence of postpartum mood disorders

•  Increases breastfeeding/chestfeeding initiation and continuation

•  Increases new parents’ confidence in the care of their newborn 

Postpartum doulas are historically the “women of the village helping the families of the village”. This is not a new idea. In today’s society of scattered friends and families, postpartum doulas fill this vital role of support for the people birthing the next generation.

Having a baby is one of life’s biggest transitions and greatest joys. However, many parents find themselves feeling extremely isolated and overwhelmed during the postpartum period after the initial excitement, adrenaline and stream of visitors has subsided.

Hiring a postpartum doula can help reverse those feelings and provide the support that new families need to have a postpartum period that is filled with feelings of contentment and empowerment. It is truly transformational.

As one of our dear clients shared:

Working with Connected Transitions was incredible! They do a remarkable job making sure you and your little ones feel comfortable, cared for and have excellent advice and guidance. I had postpartum complications that made it difficult to fully care for our newborn in the beginning and we absolutely would not have survived without this team of doulas! Do not hesitate making them a part of your care team, you will be endlessly thankful you did!~ Robin H.

6 benefits of hiring a postpartum doula:

1.  More enjoyable postpartum period – Postpartum doulas help ease the transition for new parents. Having a baby is a major life change. Postpartum doulas are there to calmly support you through the shift and help you focus on enjoying it, rather than muddling through it alone.

2.  Non-judgmental support - a postpartum doula does not come in with any specific parenting style or push any specific ways of doing things. A postpartum doula is there to help you come up with your own parenting style. She’ll help you figure out what feels right for your family. Postpartum doulas are also expert listeners who have no baggage of a family history with you.

3.  Expert advice –That being said, your postpartum doula can share what works for other families, and other ideas and tips based on their training and experience, if you ask. It’s so wonderful to have all your questions answered as you go through your day in your own home instead of relying on Google. 

4.  An extra set of hands – Your postpartum doula will take care of baby so you can nap or shower. Postpartum doulas will also tackle the dishes, laundry and light meal preparation so that you can focus on resting, healing and snuggling your new baby.

5.  Decreased risk of postpartum depression & anxiety – research has shown that new mothers who feel supported tend to report less problems with postpartum mental health. Our team is your safe space to talk through any emotions. If we feel more expert help is needed, we have the referrals and resources to take the stress out of finding a reliable and excellent mental health provider. 

6. A friend by your family’s side – when you hire our postpartum doulas at Connected Transitions, we are not only your doulas, but your friends. Our mission is to support your family’s confidence and comfort because we genuinely want to support you along your journey however we can! It brings us so much joy to walk alongside your family during your postpartum journey, and we are always here to step in to support you!

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