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Sleep Coaching

Since you are here, there’s a good chance you are really tired and looking for answers.

We get it, sleep deprivation is no joke. We understand how stressful and confusing baby sleep can be, especially with the plethora of information, differing methods, and conflicting opinions available to us online and through word of mouth. On top of that, the changing needs and development of your baby doesn’t make things easy. If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, and defeated, you are not alone.
Now, what if we told you that sleep doesn’t have to be a luxury from the past? That you can help your baby achieve better naps, longer stretches at night (10-12 hours, depending on age!), and more predictability? That sleep deprivation does NOT have to be your reality anymore. And better yet? You can do it your way. No cookie cutter sleep plans that leave you feeling uncomfortable and confused. No convincing you to do it a certain way. Our sleep coaches strongly believe that the only “right” way to shape your baby’s sleep patterns is the one that feels right for you. Not sure what that way is? Don’t worry, we have the tools, and you are the pilot. Our sleep coaches will guide you and your baby to sound sleep with compassion and knowledge.

How We Can Help

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Successful Sleepers Package

In-depth intake questionnaire
Initial consultation (60 minutes)
Detailed, personalized sleep plan + custom schedule
2 weeks of regular communication and text support
(1) 30 minute “check-in” phone call
Wrap up consultation (60 minutes)
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Virtual Sleep Consultations

In-depth intake questionnaire
60-90 minute video call
Follow-up email with personalized recommendations and support
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Mini Phone Consultations

30 Minutes
Clarification on direct questions
Tweaking an existing schedule, routine, or sleep plan
Support following an online course
Anything you’d like it to be!
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In-Person Sleep Training

custom pricing
A sleep coach will professionally apply a custom sleep plan (daytime or overnight)
Written out, detailed instructions when we leave
Reach out today to book.
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Sleep Class

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Learn how you can set your baby up for long-term sleep success at any age with our sleep courses.
variety of digital handouts available for download

Sleep Guides

0-6 Month Baby Sleep Bundle
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2 Month Sleep Guide
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3 Month Sleep Guide
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4 Month Sleep Guide
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5 Month Sleep Guide
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6 Month Sleep Guide
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How Will Sleep Coaching Support Me?

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How does sleep coaching work?
Sleep coaching sets your baby up for positive sleep habits through adjustments to daily intake, sleep/wake routines, and the application of tools and methods that support your baby’s natural ability to fall back asleep independently.
When is the right time to start sleep coaching?
No matter how old your baby is, there is always something we can help with. However, determining the right time to start sleep shaping not only depends on your baby’s age, but when you are ready. Sleep shaping oftentimes requires trial-and-error, change to your current routine, and patience. Not sure? Reach out to us!

For newborns under 10 weeks of age, we recommend continuing to follow your baby’s lead with sleep and feedings, and holding off on any “stricter” schedules and methods. We can help with setting up good sleep habits and constructing a flexible schedule following wake windows, naps, and intake.

For babies over 10 weeks, who fit weight and intake criteria, we can help create a custom sleep plan and provide all the tools to start achieving those longer stretches of sleep at night. For families who are seeking support with a modified Ferber method or limited crying method, we recommend waiting until your baby is over 15 weeks.
Does sleep coaching involve cry-it-out sleep training?
Over years of helping families achieve better sleep, we have learned that there are many paths to one destination (with that destination being your baby sleeping through the night). The path you choose to follow will depend on what feels right for you. For families who are unsure which approach is best for them, we always start with a very gentle approach that naturally follows your baby’s development. For families seeking support that involves a limited cry or modified extinction method, we recommend that your baby is over 15 weeks of age.
Does sleep coaching actually work?
Yes, it actually works! After working with our sleep coaches, our clients report their babies sleeping longer, deeper stretches of sleep (up to 12 hours overnight!), achieving sounder naps during the day, and showing more predictability. Check out our Client Love to see for yourself! However, sleep shaping is still a commitment that involves dedication, patience, and trial-and-error. For this reason, it is important to start when you are ready.
When will I see results?
Many families see results within the first three days! This will depend on your baby’s age, weight and intake, and the sleep shaping approach. And, we remind our clients to celebrate all the little victories!
I have twins, triplets (etc...), can I still benefit from sleep coaching?
ABSOLUTELY! It is a myth that sleep training is not achievable with multiples. In fact, sleep coaching can be life-changing for families with multiples.
What are the long-term benefits?
The long-term benefits are limitless, but here are a few:

Healthy sleep habits for years to come
Your baby’s development benefits from good, uninterrupted sleep
Independently falling back to sleep
More independence and increased self-care for parents
Reduced conflict and disagreements between parents
Increased happiness and wellbeing among families
Improved physical, mental, and emotional health
Reduced gas, spit-up, and fussiness
Less “snacking” and more predictable feedings
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Our mission is to support ALL families.

Please inquire about custom & sliding scale options.
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