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No matter what step of your parenting journey you are currently on, we are so glad you found us.

We understand the vulnerability and trust that comes with seeking support during such an important chapter of your family’s life, and we are here to listen and answer all of your questions. Our team of passionate doulas, newborn care specialists, lactation counselors, infant sleep coaches, and educators, offer our expertise and knowledge to help you create the connected, empowered parenting experience you deserve.
Proudly serving families in the Greater Philadelphia Region and beyond.
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Birth Doula Support

Feel confident and empowered throughout your pregnancy and labor with our birth doula package, birth planning sessions, childbirth education class, placenta encapsulation, and sibling support.
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Postpartum & Infant Care

Providing overnight and daytime support for those weeks and months following your baby’s arrival home, as well as lactation counseling and newborn education.
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Sleep Coaching

Helping your baby (and you!) get the sleep you need, and deserve, through gentle and personalized support from day one through the first year.
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In-person and online classes on childbirth education, newborn care, sleep shaping, multiples, and more… because we believe feeling informed is an important step to feeling confident and in-control.
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Core Values


We believe connection within ourselves and those around us is the foundation of empowerment. For that reason, our team embodies a connection-centered approach to doula support. From the moment we meet you through the completion of our services, we are dedicated to being more than just an expert in our field, but a friend and advocate who uses our expertise to support your balance and confidence.


We understand how stressful and confusing it is to be surrounded by everyone’s opinions on how you “should” parent, and what the “right” and “wrong” decisions are. Take a deep breath and let us be your safe space, we validate this experience so deeply. We believe the “right” way is the one that feels intuitively right for you, and it is completely okay if it changes or you are unsure, too! We will guide and support you in making the best decisions for you and your family.


We embody empowerment in every aspect of our work, including the commitment and passion to serve ALL individuals and families who reach out to us, regardless of faith, income, race, marital status, immigration status, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Additionally, since we believe education is at the core of empowering ourselves and our community, our services and offerings are rooted in evidence-based information, as well as ongoing continuing education for our team members.

Client Love

  • Robin H.
    Working with Connected Transitions was incredible! They do a remarkable job making sure you and your little ones feel comfortable, cared for and have excellent advice and guidance. I had postpartum complications that made it difficult to fully care for our newborn in the beginning and we absolutely would not have survived without this team of doulas! Do not hesitate making them a part of your care team, you will be endlessly thankful you did!
    Emily S.
    We had a great experience with Emma (amazing) and Connected Transitions. She went above and beyond to answer our questions (and brought us formula and gas drops when we were just home from the hospital with our twins and had a hard time getting out) about how a night doula could help. Each time I went downstairs in the morning, our bottles were ready to go and the babies laundry was clean and organized. A layer of stress from having newborn twins was gone and I felt refreshed. I felt comfortable that the babies were in good hands and they would let me know how they were at night and any recommendations they may have. I can't recommend them (Emma, Monica and Moira) enough!
  • Katherine & Johnson R.
    Emma was exceptional. She provided all the support I needed and my husband needed without us even having to specify or ask. We 1000% would recommend her to other moms!
    Sarice & David G.
    Emma took great care of our newborn overnight and helped us get the best sleep we had during the early weeks of being home with our son.
  • Kyra B.
    A huge thank you to Emma for support, sleep and sanity! A friend with 3 children had recommended her when I was looking for someone, citing how incredible she was. Emma provided a mix of day and night help for us as a postpartum doula for our newborn twins, along with sleep training when they were closer to 12 weeks. I didn’t think it would be possible to go 12 hours between feeds by 12 weeks with twins but she made it possible, which I appreciate every morning! During her overnight stays with the boys I felt confident knowing that she had everything under control. Each morning my boys were happy and everything organized again! She also provided very helpful tips and feedback on all of their issues- reflux, gas, etc. We learned so much and felt even more comfortable as parents. (And I should also note that as a person Emma is very kind and patient, and listened thoughtfully to all our concerns). Thank you Emma for getting us through the 4th trimester!!!

    Emma is an excellent doula. She is young, passionate, caring, devoted, impressively experienced and resourceful. I took prenatal courses from the hospital, but I still found consultation session with Emma gave me more personalized tips a formal course didn't provide. Emma gave me advise on natural induction, preparing hospital bag, eating, exercises, many of which I never heard from other places. I had questions about my own detailed yoga and walking exercises design from 37 weeks on; news of dilation from 38 weeks check-up; news
    of 39 weeks ultrasounds , etc, it felt great to know there is a person to talk to anytime whenever I have something comes up. This makes my journey much less lonely! In the postpartum period, I had perineal pain and breastfeeding issues, Emma gave me consultation with tips of increasing milk supply I never knew and urged me to contact lactation consultant. Overall I am very glad I had Emma by my side in this lonely journey of childbirth, she gave me so much valuable supports! I definitely recommend Emma.
  • Kaitlin
    Hiring Emma one of the best choices we made in our high risk pregnancy. We ended up with an unplanned natural labor on bed rest and Emma used body work, meditation, visualizations, and breathe work to help ease the pain and move the process along. She provided constant support to my husband and mother while still meeting all of my needs. We cannot say enough good things.
    Sarah B.
    Emma is amazing all-around! She has a gift for helping others and we were lucky to have her at the birth of our twin boys. Even before the birth, she was always available to me to vent and talk things through. She knew the right questions to ask and helped keep my focus. She is very knowledgeable and we are so happy to have her part of such an important experience.
  • Anne R.
    Every new parent needs Emma to survive those first 12 weeks. What Emma provides goes well beyond sleep. She gets to know you and your baby so that she can troubleshoot the inevitable constant changes babies throw our way. While you get rest, Emma is observing how your baby eats, triggers that make them cry, the tricks and tools that soothe them, and the sleep patterns that will soon become the pillars of a sleep routine. When you wake up in the morning, Emma sends you a report with your babies activity - AND - she shares her observations and creates a plan with you for how to keep building the desired momentum - whether it's easing reflux or achieving longer sleep stretches. While every baby and family has different needs, Emma's compassionate and empathetic approach is the constant. Emma didn't just care for the baby - she cared for me. She did mental health checks with me as I navigated postpartum hormones and depression, at times. And, even on my best day, she still took the time to ask me how I'm feeling and gave me permission to feel every feeling without an ounce of shame or guilt. To come full circle, every parent truly deserves Emma to be their rock in those early days. Your baby will be better for it, and you will be better for it.

    Anne M.
    If you are looking for a doula that really cares and is committed to supporting you in every way possible, Emma is the doula you’ve been looking for! As this was my first baby, I really was unsure of where to start, I felt like I was getting so many opinions and information thrown at me from every direction, without anyone really paying attention to my fears and desires. My friend recommended I find a doula, and when I had a consult with Emma, her compassion and obvious knowledge made the decision easy! Emma worked with us from 30 weeks on, helping us construct a birth plan, giving me positions to help with my aching body, and giving me confidence that everything would be okay! Labor was very intense and I could not have done it without Emma there, she made sure my husband and myself felt supported, even after our baby boy was here :) I cannot express the gratitude we have for Emma and everything she did for us! Thank you Emma!
  • Joe
    Simply put- Emma is incredible. When we chose Emma to be our doula, we new we were making a good decision, but we couldn't have imagined how helpful, knowledgeable, and comforting it was to go through the pregnancy with her. She knows her stuff, and was a great sense of calm and re-assurance, as this was our first child and sometimes its easy to feel lost. Emma became a guiding voice, and worked alongside us to make sure we always felt informed and confident in our decision making process. I strongly recommend her to anyone considering a doula. Like I said, she's incredible.

    Chanica S.
    Thank u so much for all your support during my pregnancy and while I was having my baby and for being a great support for keeping me calm while having the baby. If I have another baby for sure I will call u again. U are a great Doula and keep up to good work. I recommend her for anyone that needs a Doula u won’t regret she is the best. 
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Proudly serving the Greater Philadelphia Area and beyond, including: Philadelphia County, Main Line, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, Berks County, Bucks County, and areas of New Jersey and Delaware
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