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At Connected Transitions, we believe that information is power, and that being educated builds confidence.

We get how scary and overwhelming the many unknowns are surrounding parenthood, especially if this is your first time. Don’t worry! Our team of experts provide in-person classes and self-directed online courses to bring the power back to you!

In-Person Classes

Our classes are 1:1 between you and one of our educators, offered in both virtual or in-home formats. We tailor each class to your needs, questions, and interests.
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Childbirth Education Class

2-3 hours
Expecting? Feel confident and prepared for your upcoming labor and birth with our childbirth education class taught by a birth expert!
This class covers (but is not limited to)
Finding balance in pregnancy
Mental and physical preparation for labor and birth
Am I going into labor?
Timing contractions
What to bring in your birth bag
Early Labor: signs and how to manage
What if my water breaks?
How your cervix changes throughout pregnancy and labor
What the Bishop Score is, and what it means for induction
The physiology and stages of labor and how your partner/doula can help
Medical pain relief options
Comfort measures throughout labor and birth
Common interventions and informed consent
Immediate newborn care and APGAR
Supporting “The Golden Hour”
Transitioning into postpartum
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Newborn Care Class

2 hours
Are you expecting your baby in the near future? Or is your little one already here and you’re looking for guidance? Our baby experts will give you the tools to confidently care for your newborn, with tips and tricks from everyday care to setting your little one up for sleep success.
This class covers (but is not limited to)
The early days and finding a rhythm
Feeding your baby (breast and bottle)
Soothing techniques: the 5 S’s and more!
Troubleshooting common issues (gas, spit-up, congestion, sleepy feeds, and more!)
Setting your baby up for sleep success
Postpartum self-care for new families
Q&A Session!
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Online Courses

Our online courses have been created for our busy parents who need education that works with their schedule! After purchasing your course, you will receive a link to your inbox where you will be able to access your course and any supporting materials. Courses do not expire, and can be viewed as many times as you need!
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Caring For Your Newborn with Confidence

with Emma Yoder

This course is the self-paced version of our Newborn Care Class. With years of experience working with newborns, Emma gives new parents the tools and knowledge to confidently care for their little one. In this class, Emma covers everyday care to setting your baby up for sleep success. 

Coming Soon

Setting Up for Successful Sleep: 0-4 Month

with Emma Yoder

What if we told you that sound sleep and predictability are achievable during the first few months of your baby’s life? That implementing gentle sleep tools and structure can harness your baby’s natural developmental strides to set up for sleep success? This course explores the science of baby sleep, managing naps and wake windows during the day, the tools to gently stretch your baby’s sleep stretches at night, tips for those tough nights and days, and more. 

Coming Soon

Successful Sleepers Course: 4 months- 1 year

with Emma Yoder

Congratulations! Reaching four months is a big milestone, for both you and your baby. Now that your baby is developmentally ready, your sleep toolbox of tricks and methods broadens. Getting your little one to sleep through the night for 12 hours without feeds can be your reality, and it is within grasp! This course covers the nighttime and daytime methods to help your baby achieve sound naps and nighttime sleep, the changes that occur as your baby develops, how to tackle sleep regressions, and more.

Coming Soon

Managing Multiples Course

with Emma Yoder

Outside of being a twin herself, Emma has cared for nearly one hundred sets of multiples over the years, being named the “multiples expert” in her local community. In this course, she shares her tips and tricks for finding a routine, balancing feeds, and achieving longer stretches of sleep with 2+ babies. 

Coming Soon
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