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Birth Support

We believe there is no “right” or “wrong” way to birth and that the only “right” way to birth is your way.

 However, we also understand how overwhelming and confusing it can feel to constantly have friends, family, and social media telling you otherwise. Maybe you feel like no matter how much you prepare, you still have so many unanswered questions, if not more. You want to know what your options are in order to create the most satisfying birth experience, but you aren’t sure how to put everything together. Don’t worry, we get it, and we are here.
You deserve to feel supported by someone focused on you. Someone who carefully listens to your thoughts, feelings, and words, without judgment or any agenda. A confidant and friend, who genuinely cares about how you feel and how to best support you and your partner. An expert who compassionately answers your questions and crafts your vision into a plan you feel confident with.

That friend and expert is one of our doulas.

How Will a Birth Doula Support Me?

birth doula support in water
Educational Support
The unpredictability of birth creates a lot of questions and nerves that can result in feeling fearful and powerless. We believe the first step towards feeling confident is being informed. Our birth doulas walk alongside you and your partner to answer all of your questions with evidence-based education and years of experience, because knowing your choices and how to make the right decisions for your family, brings the power back to you.
Emotional Support
The journey through pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood is full of emotions, from intense joy and excitement, to nerves and fear. We validate and honor this experience with gentleness, compassion, and understanding. Imagine having an unbiased, knowledgeable friend and expert standing with you and your partner through it all. Our doulas will be your constant, because serving you is a privilege.
Physical Support
As your body progresses through pregnancy and labor, your physical needs will change. We understand that these changes can be scary and uncomfortable. Don’t worry! Our birth doulas are prepared with a toolbox of knowledge to support your changing needs and sensations, bring relief and validation, and guide your partner in different comfort techniques. We promise you don’t have to memorize that birth book!

How We Can Help

Birth Doula Package

Virtual Support Available on Request
This is your ultimate support package, from pregnancy, through labor and the delivery of your baby, into the early postpartum period. Your family will be matched with two birth doulas, so even in the case of the unexpected, you can rest assured a doula from your team will be at your labor. 

We are so excited to work with you!
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What's included:

before birth coaching birthing partner


24-hour text and email support
Two in-home prenatal visits with your team: we explore your wishes, educate on making informed decisions, answer any questions, and provide hands-on labor prep with comfort measures
Personalized Birth Plan building, support, and recommendations
Access to in-depth labor and birth preparatory resources
Professional Referrals, as requested
during labor grasping hands


Phone and text support through early labor
Continuous in-person labor support from active labor (or when you need us!) to the arrival of your baby/babies
Support with infant feeding and comfort during the Golden Hour (baby’s first hour)
after birth mother nursing child


One postpartum in-home follow up visit
Professional Referrals, as requested
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birth planning

Birth Planning Sessions

In-Person Formats Available Upon Request
These 1 hour sessions are great for families looking to feel prepared and confident during labor and early postpartum, without the in-person support during labor. 
Sessions are conducted remotely.

These sessions typically include:

Personalized Birth Plan building, support, and recommendations
Education on how you and your partner can make informed decisions during labor
Answering questions
The relationship and support from an experienced birth doula
Personalized follow up email with resources
Anything you want it to be!

À la carte

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Birth Planning Package

3 planning sessions
Sample birth plans
100 birth affirmations
10% off (1) class
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Childbirth Education Class

A 1:1 birth preparation class personalized to your needs and questions. 

(2) 90 minute sessions with an expert
Learn more
mother and child directly after birth
placenta encapsulation in a jar

Placenta Encapsulation

Our experienced placenta encapsulation specialists adhere to the highest professional standards for the handling, processing, and preparation of your placenta for consumption. This package includes:
Instructions for the handling and transportation of your placenta from your birthing facility to your home
In-home placenta preparation and encapsulation
An umbilical keepsake
A placenta print artwork

Sibling Support

We provide on-call & hourly sibling support for families who have additional little (or big!) ones at home. Our sibling support doulas care for your children while you and your partner are focused on welcoming your newest addition by:
Light housekeeping and meal preparation for you and your family
Remaining in your home while you are at the hospital/birthing facility
Gentle, compassionate education for your children to ease the transition of welcoming their new baby sibling/s!
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Our mission is to support ALL families.

Please inquire about custom & sliding scale options.
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